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There are two isomers of TDI: 2,4-TDI and 2,6-TDI. Here are products based on the mixing percentage of these two isomers:
For flexible foam. Applied in seat back and cushion. Can also be raw materials of elastomer, coating, adhesives and sealant.

For high resilient flexible foam.
For elastomers and coatings.
Crude MDI:
Crude MDI is in fact a mixture of MDI olifomers with vaied functionalities. Usually, monomer MDI would be 50% of the amount; rest would be mixture of MDI oligomers with functionality ranging from 3-6.
Can be applied in rigid foam, flexible foam, integral-skin, caoting, adhesive and elastomer.

Modified MDI
We have different types of modified MDI, they are liquid in room temperature with great operability. Can be applied in integral-skin, elastomer and high resilient foam.
T/M mixed isocyanate
Combined the charaters of TDI and MDI, can be applied in high resilient flexible foam.
TDI and MDI prepolymers
Applied in RIM elastomers.