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Polyether polyols:
Non-toxic, non-corrosive, can be dissolved in water. Well intermiscibility with amines, cyclopentane and most organics. Flame resisting.
Polyether polyols for flexible foam:Excellent open cell property, good reactivity. Can be applied in furniture, mattress, sofa cushion and flexible foams in automobiles.
Polyether polyols for high resilient:High reactivity. Combined with isocyanate to make RIM products. Products are made cold-cure and high resilient, can be applied in car seat, steering wheel, dash board and other interior decoration and furniture, which have excellent resilience, compression and comfort.
Polyether polyols for rigid foam
Polyether polyols for CASE:Raw material of CASE. Combined with isocyanates to make products applied in micropore elastomer, sealant, adhesives and coatings.
Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG)
Polyester polyols:
General types of polyester polyols
Polyether-polyester copolyols
Diols, triols, polyols