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Specialized Resin

Polycarbonate Diol

Asahi Kasei (Japan) products. With excellent hydrolysis-resistance, tear-resistance, heat-resistance and weatherability. Widely applied in 3C coatings, automobile coating, elastic coating and leather coating.
Recommend products: T5651, T5652, G3452 .

Maletic Acid Resin ( MR-6130 )
Applied in NC woodenware coating and ink. Increase the glossiness, hardness and color saturation of the coating layer.

Adhesion improving agent for plastics (EXCELOL 932):

Mostly applied in PP, PS, PC and ABS; can be used as primer.

Adhesion improving agent for plastics (PE 6800):
Mainly used by spray or curtain coating on PE (polyethylene).

Anti-precipitation agent (SW-24X):
Grind before use. Applied in industrial paint, baking finish, plastic paint, woodenware plastic, etc.

Hydrocarbon resin (C5 、C9 hydrogenated、 C9):
Widely used in adhesives, rubber, coatings and printing ink, etc.