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WORLÉE Additives

WORLÉE was found in Germany with more than 160 years of history, mostly providing resins and additives for coatings. Neoway Chemicals is the distributor of WORLÉE in Taiwan, distributing products applied in coatings, printing ink, leather and plastics, etc.

Our main distributing products:


▲ Thixotropic alkyd resin

    Having excellent non-dripping and thixotropic properties. Products show great stability in polar solvent and suitable in coatings for building, woodenware and paper. Recommendation: long oil S6357 and short oil MH439.

▲Polyester resin
    Providing varied polyester polyols, such as Add486, 1181/03, 1181/09.

▲Arcylic resin 

    Providing varied water and solvent-base arcylic resins.
Aldehyde ketone resin  (Polytone K-97)
    Widely used in coatings and printing ink. Product can improve properties such as hardness, glossiness and saturation of color. 


Flow control agents (FL2、FL9), flowout agent (Add311、Add315)、adhesion promoter (Add486)、
electrical resistance reducing agent (Add422)、defoamer (Add371)、anti-skinning agent (MEKO)、anti-corrosion agent (Add458、Add459)、viscosity stablizer (Add410N)。