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Blends for Rigid Foam


Characters:Blends of polyol and crude MDI were mixed and sprayed in a designated ratio by field-work mechine. The product foam formed immediately with no shrinkage and bubbling. The spray foam is an excellent insulator with high strength and fire resistant.
Density:30 ~ 100 kg/m3
Application:Insulation work for freezer, exterior and interior walls.

Imitation wood:
Characters:good flowability of blends. Imitation wood products have hard surface and high compressive strength. Products are easily cut and assembled with texture just like real woods.
Density:180 ~ 500 kg/m3
Applications:to replace real wood in decorative frame, racket handle, craft and furnitures.

Sandwich panel:
Characters:low density products with high performance: no shrinkage and no bubbles.
Density:35 ~ 60 kg/m3
Applications:freezer and refrigerator, electric water heater and solar water heater, etc.

Packing foam

Density:4, 10, 20 kg/m3

Corrugated roofing

All water-blown and cyclopentane-blown