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Applications:printer's roller, protection layer of cable wire, O-ring and gasket, etc.

Excellent mechanical properties:wear-resistant,high tensile strength,high elasticity;hydrolysis-resistant, acid and base-resistant, bio-degradation resistant. Performing excellent mechanical properties even in low temperature.

Excellent mechanical properties and hydrolysis-resistant, maintain its elasticity in low temperature. A low cost choice.

High tear-resistant and dynamic elasticity. Hardness ranges in 40A to 55D (Shore). Especially suitable in materials that takes high cutting-resistance and may contact to alkali solvents. It can be applied in printer's roller due to its low non-reversible deformation.

TDI-Caprolactone / Polycarbonate:
Excellent dynamic elasticity. Good balance in water resistant and alkali resistant.

High tensile and tearing strength, hardness ranging in 70-95 shore A, high elasticity and low non-reversible deformation.

Hardness ranges 80-90 shore A. Excellent hydrolysis resistance. High tensile strength and elongation.

Suitable in hydraulic cylinder seal , hydrocyclone and timing belt.