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Colorants and Other Products

Water-based Colorant Series:

Water-based colorants series is refined processed with de-ionized water, high-grade pigments, pigment surface treatment agent and multi-functional additives.

Colorants fluid good in cans, no sedimentation, easy to mix evenly. excellent chemical stability, lightfastness, weatherability, acid and alkali resistance. Good heat resistance, yellowing resistance, covering, color migration resistance. High color strength, saturated chromaticity, colored films feel soft, no surface shrinkage. No resin and casein. Easily dispersed, DMF-resistance is good.

Color card of water-based colorant:

Resin-free Solvent-based Colorant:

Resin-free solvent-based colorant are prepared by using the environment-friendly organic agents as media and the special structured polymer as dispersant, which are suitable for coloring the solvent-based system, such as epoxy resin, phenol aldehyde resin, nitro resin, acrylic resin, amino resin and polyester, etc.

Resin-free and widely application.
Superfine particles, easy to disperse and high solid pigment content.
Excellent durability and high resistance to light and chemical agents.
Low thixotropic viscosity, suitable for manual toning, pump-delivering and machine toning.

Color card of solvent-based colorant:

Momentive products:

PU silicones:
1. L-580/L-5770
2. L-3001/L-5305
3. L-6900/L-6950

PU catalysts:
1. D19/D-22
2. A33

Other products
1. TCPP (PU fire retardant)
2. FR-1035 (PU fire retardant)
3. DMEA (PU catalyst)